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What is Clinical Pilates

Seville Health - What is Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a form of exercise used to treat and manage injuries and health conditions. It focuses on exercises and movement to improve pain and injury. Pilates can also assist with enhancing body movement, core stability & strength, flexibility, posture, balance & control and general fitness.

Extensive research in shows that particular body movements and strengthening of the deep stabilizing muscles can assist with managing a range of conditions. This includes neck and back pain, osteoarthritis, chronic pain conditions and other musculoskeletal concerns.

“What is the difference between Clinical Pilates and regular Pilates?”

Clinical Pilates involves a thorough assessment by a physiotherapist to determine your individual concerns, body movements, strength deficits, and provides a progressive program to suit your individual needs. Physiotherapists who teach Pilates have undergone extensive training in Pilates methodology. Regular Pilates as you may see in a gym scenario, is often a large group of people, completing the same exercises without assessment or consideration of individual needs or injury.

If you are suffering from injury, pain or health condition, then a program specifically tailored to your individual needs will be required. This is where Clinical Pilates with a physiotherapist can help.

Our physiotherapists at Seville Health provide 1:1 individual Pilates sessions, as well as small group classes. Our Clinical Pilates programs are held on-site in our gym, complete with specific Pilates equipment. All programs are individualized and your physiotherapist will assist in monitoring technique, and progressing your program as you improve. Clinical Pilates with a physiotherapist is claimable on your private health insurance.

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