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When it comes to sport, injuries and time off can be frustrating. Our physiotherapists have years of experience not only treating athletes, but also are sportspeople themselves, with experience across a wide range of sports and levels.

Seville Health is fortunate to have one of the only titled APA Sports & Exercise Physiotherapists in the Yarra Valley, Kay Lovus, who has worked alongside elite sportspeople for over 10 years, including Commonwealth Games athletes.

Sports physiotherapists are highly trained in the area of injuries that are associated with sport and exercise participation. This can include recreational sports or leisure activities, as well as competitive and high-level sport, and can affect people of all ages. Due to the high demands placed on the body during exercise, stress to soft tissues, bones and joints can occur. Sports Physiotherapists have vast and specialised experience in managing these types of injuries, assisting in recovery to not only allow the individual to return to sport, but to optimize and enhance their performance.

Our aim is to get you injury-free and back to your sport as soon possible. Not only this, we also provide preventative care to avoid the injury re-curring. That’s why following assessment, we will provide you with a plan of action and appropriate rehabilitation to prepare you for your return.  In most cases, you can continue exercising as we help with your recovery.  Sports physios can guide you as to timeframes for your return, and liaise with your coaches as to appropriate training.

Sports Physiotherapists are also able to complete sports specific screenings, which allow the identification of any predispositions or injury risks involved in sports participation. Screening means we can provide a comprehensive program to address any musculoskeletal issues that may predispose you to injury, therefore preventing injuries before they happen.

What are you waiting for?  Talk to our sport injury specialist today on 03 5964 2393 or book your appointment online to see how we can help you get back to the sport you love.

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