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If you have tight, sore or aching muscles then dry needling may be for you. Dry Needling is a safe and effective way to treat tight or painful myofascial areas known as trigger points. Conducted by physiotherapists or remedial massage therapists, it involves the use of acupuncture needles, inserted into trigger points in the body that are a direct source of pain. This can assist in releasing muscle tension, relieving pain and restoring movement, helping you feel better. Dry Needling can also be an effective way of relieving stress and tension throughout the body.

Our therapists have completed extensive training in the application of dry needling, and may utilize this technique as an adjunct to other modalities of treatment. Our therapists will thoroughly assess your condition and let you know whether dry needling may be useful for your individual case.

Call us on 03 5964 2393 or book online so you can arrange your initial assessment and can start feeling better today.

Seville Health Care - Dry Needling​