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Do you want to improve your core strength and reduce pain? Have you had back pain for years and it won’t settle? Or just want to improve your general fitness? Clinical Pilates could be the answer you have been looking for.

Clinical Pilates is a systematic approach to exercise, run by our skilled physiotherapists. At Seville Health, we conduct a thorough assessment, to enable us to provide a custom pilates program based on your individual needs, and adapt this continually to ensure your treatment is effective for you to reach your goals. With a focus on core strength, stability, motor control, flexibility and balance, pilates aims to optimize the function of the body as a whole.

Clinical Pilates can be used for rehabilitation of injury, injury prevention, or to optimize performance by improving control. We aim to deliver a Pilates program that provides long-term solutions for every patient.

At Seville Health, our pilates physiotherapists have completed further training, and are DMA qualified pilates instructors. We provide both individual pilates sessions, as well as small group classes. This ensures you get the full attention of our physios, to help you improve faster. We offer a variety of classes during the morning, afternoon and evening.

Call our friendly team on 03 5964 2393 to find out how you can start pilates at Seville Health.

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