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Physiotherapy at Seville Health

Physiotherapy at Seville Health

Physiotherapists are highly trained health professionals who are able to treat a range of physical issues such as injuries, conditions, movement disorders and pain. The aim of most physiotherapy is to improve physical function and improve quality of life.  Commonly, physiotherapists aim to restore mobility, reduce pain, prevent injury or disease, educate regarding physical health, minimize the physical effects of ageing, and maximize physical function.

At Seville Health, our physiotherapists are highly qualified and can assist with a wide variety of conditions including sports injuries, chronic pain, musculoskeletal injuries, cardiorespiratory conditions, falls & balance, and movement disorders. Our physiotherapists have years of clinical experience treating these types of conditions.

We also provide Clinical Pilates to improve core stability and strength; for further information see our “Clinical Pilates” post.

What to expect at your appointment

During the initial consultation, your physiotherapist will begin by providing a detailed assessment of your injury. This will allow us to gain a thorough understanding of your injury, contributing factors, and goals of treatment. If you have any referrals, relevant scans or imaging, these will also be considered. Your physiotherapist will complete a range of physical tests to further assess your injury so we can provide an accurate diagnosis or treatment/prevention plan. If required, we may recommend further investigations such as imaging or referral.

What types of treatment techniques are used

Our physiotherapists will tailor a treatment plan appropriate to your situation. Treatment varies from person to person, but may include manual therapy or ‘hands-on’ treatment, electrotherapy, dry needling, education, or provision of an exercise program. Often multiple modalities are used. Sometimes we may also recommend referral to sports physicians, surgeons or other allied health professionals, if we feel it is necessary to better manage your condition. If applicable, this will be discussed with you at the time of appointment.

At Seville Health, we pride ourselves on providing thorough assessments and treatment, to help get on top of your injury or condition as quickly as possible. Our aim is to not only treat your injury or pain, but to provide a longer-term solution to managing or preventing further injury.

If you have any further questions in regards to physio at Seville Health, we’d love to hear from you (03) 5964 2393.