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How to stay injury-free this festive season

With the festive season in full swing, the physiotherapists at Seville Health urge you to stay safe and injury-free this summer. Whilst checking over that Christmas list, its worth considering the gift that keeps on giving; your health and well-being.

As Christmas arrives and holidays begin, we often see a spike in preventable injuries over the summer period. Whilst there are many reasons for this, often they happen for one of two reasons;

1. People are generally on holidays and less active. Routines slip and exercises are forgotten. People tend to forget their rehabilitation and as a result return to us with a relapse of their injury or pain in the new year

2. With time off from work, the home handy man presents itself! Suddenly you have time to paint the house or renovate the bathroom. Whilst it’s great to get those tasks done, we often see people who have an ‘all on nothing’ attitude. They spend 8 hours a day for 4 days painting the house, or continuous hours installing the kitchen, ending up with a repetitive strain injury such as tennis elbow, neck pain or a lower back injury.

Top tips to prevent injuries over the holidays:

  • Exercise – Aim to continue your exercise regime. Whether its walking daily or going to the gym twice a week this helps to maintain fitness and prevent injury. If away on holidays aim to be active for at least 30 minutes a day
  • Avoid prolonged postures – Kicking back on that camping stretcher or hammock is certainly well deserved after a long year! Aim to get up every hour and move around/stretch for 10 minutes to avoid lower back stiffness and pain
  • Pace yourself – Whilst it’s great to get all the jobs out of the way quickly, this is a sure-fire way to injury. Looking up at a ceiling all day painting contributes to injuries such as neck pain or tennis elbow. Ensure you take breaks regularly and avoid prolonged repetitive tasks
  • Have breaks when travelling – research shows that sitting for long periods can have a detrimental effect on your body, particularly your lower back. If travelling away on holidays, take regular breaks from driving; get out and stretch your legs.

It’s important not to ignore pain. Often the sooner you get on to seeing a physiotherapist and treating your injury, the less recovery time. To ensure you stay injury-free this summer, Seville Health will be open throughout the Christmas and new year period.

To kick start your healthy lifestyle in 2020, our physiotherapists at Seville Health have all the tips and advice to get you on track and stay that way. Don’t let an injury get the better of you this summer. Contact Seville Health NOW on 5964 2393Physiotherapists for the Yarra Valley.